Distilled Water Benefits:

  • Toxins Removed
  • Contaminants Removed
  • Clean Water to Stay Hydrated
  • Great Source for Cleansing Your System

Distilled Water

Many people prefer distilled water either because of the taste, the health benefits or both. Some think that using a water filter on their faucet will rid their water of all the impurities, but it doesn’t remove all the toxins. The best way to get your water into its purest form is through the distillation process.

If you live in the city, the water is treated with chlorine and fluoride. Too much of either of these chemicals is not good for your body. By drinking and using distilled water, you’re reducing the exposure of these harmful chemicals and toxins for you and your family. We care about your health and we believe that distilled water is the most natural way you can hydrate your body.

Calcium, minerals and other chemicals that are allowed to stay in unpurified water can build up inside our bodies and cause illness over time. Although the water is deemed safe enough for consumers, wouldn’t you want to know you have options of distilled water at our store that is free of toxins and other contaminants?

We offer distilled water in 5 gallon jugs that will fit into a regular water dispenser at home. You can either buy the jugs at our store or your can bring your own containers and fill them up. And we also sell 12 – 20 fluid ounce bottles for the ease and convenience of grab and go drinks. If you have any questions about our distilled water or would like more information, please stop by and talk with us.