Gluten Free Products

Do you or a loved one have food allergies or certain food limitations to gluten? If so, you’re in luck! Health Hut carries a wide assortment of delicious gluten free products that will satisfy your appetite. We’ve taken the advise from clients like you along with our own personal preferences in order to provide you with a variety of gluten free food to choose from.

We understand the importance of food allergies and address any and all concerns if you ask about our products. When gluten free products first starting coming out they were a bit drab and didn’t have much flavor. But in today’s world, the gluten free pasta tastes just the same if not better than regular pasta on the shelves (our opinion of course).

The options you have for gluten free products are amazing! You have just about as many choices of gluten free products as you do with regular foods. We keep on hand rice, pasta, bread, cereal, canned goods, and much more. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll find it for you. Since we know certain soaps, detergents and toothpaste can contain gluten, we have those products available as well.

Whether you’re buying gluten free products because you like the taste and nutritional value it provides or if you have been given instructions from your doctor to start a gluten free diet, we are happy to share our experiences and preferences with you so your transition is as smooth as possible.